Requests for Quotation-2023

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Supply and Delivery of PAYAO for 8 Coastal Barangays
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Opportunity 2023-N-018-Supply and Delivery of Materials for the Completion/ Improvement/Maintenance of MDRRMC WarehouseClick HereClick Here
Opportunity 2023-N-017-Termite (Pest) Control for Municipal BuildingClick HereClick Here
Opportunity 2023-N-016-Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment (Printer and Desktop Computer)Click HereClick Here
Opportunity 2023-N-015-Supply and Delivery of Dental Supplies for Municipal Health Office UseClick HereClick Here
Opportunity 2023-N-14-Supply and Delivery of Additional Plates and Stickers to be used for CY 2023 at Municipal Treasurer’s OfficeClick HereClick Here
Opportunity 2023-N-13-Supply and Delivery of Two (2) units of Motorcycle for Municipal Treasurer’s Office and Sanguniang Bayan OfficeClick HereClick Here
Opportunity 2023-N-012-Supply and Delivery of Materials for the Construction/ Improvement/ Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Tourist Rest Areas and Souvenir Shops-TrassClick HereClick Here