Implementing Strategies

Governance, Law & Order with respect to individual rights, aspiration & advocacy towards development.

  1. Governance and Development Focus

    Founded on respect for fundamental human rights, knowledge, skills and attitudes towards effective and efficient delivery of services for development.

    1. Continuous capability building of Human
    2. Strengthening and development of non-government organizations, people’s organizations and giving more room to participate in planning, implementation and monitoring of projects, issues and concerns related to development and governance.
    3. Practicing gender equality, giving more attention to the indigenous groups and having protection and respect to all the members of the society.
    4. Establish and strengthen harmonious working relation with the legislative for the formulations/sponsorship of ordinances and resolutions needed for the whole governance of the municipality.
    5. Lessening and elimination of criminal offenses and violations of national and local laws.
  2. On Basic Social Services 

    Render social services to the poorest of the poor and assisting people for their personal/family and community holistic development

    1. Continuous access to national and provincial government for the facilitation of Senior Citizen’s pension, lobby for the inclusion of more seniors as recipient of pension, provision of health card to the oldest senior citizen members.
    2. Continuous and fast facilitations of basic social services to the people of Gloria like health, documents and other basic services.
    3. Kalinisan as primordial attraction in this municipality. Kalinisan as a safe guard to our constituents from all forms of sickness.
  3. On Economic Development Towards Poverty Allievation Resulting From Agro-Tourism Activities and Peace and Order
    1. Develop agro-tourism sites and create tourism activities that will attract more tourists in the municipality and thereby create more economic opportunities.
    2. Assure local people and tourists that Gloria is a peaceful place to live, relax and invest.
    3. Full support to farmers in developing their farm land through network and linkages and access to more farm input by implementing modern technologies.
    4. Establish market strategies and networks for farmers and their crops.
  4. On Infrastructure Development 
    1. Access funds from the provincial and national government for horizontal and vertical projects needed by the municipality and barangays.
    2. Improvement of basic infrastructures for convenient working environment of Employees.|
    3. Monitoring and evaluation of all government infrastructure projects and making it sure that the funds are well used.
    4. Provision of basic infrastructure projects that are most needed by the constituents on their day to day lives like improvement of water system, shelter, sanitations and the likes.