Copyright 2017 - Municipality of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro 5209

visionpic1Primary Agricultural Production and Eco-Tourism Center in Southern Oriental Mindoro


To become the development partner of the people and continuously improve the quality of life in Gloria;

To maintain the ecological balance of the municipality and promote the sustainable utilization of its natural resources;

To enhance agricultural productivity and develop Gloria’s agro-industrial and eco-tourism potentials;

To promote capability building and values formation;

To promote an effective way of delivering modern basic social services;

To encourage non – governmental  organization / people’s organizations' participation in local governance and promote cooperativism  among local populace;

To foster self-reliance while providing for the basic needs of the populace;

To provide for adequate infrastructure and utilities;

To network and link with regions and municipalities (for education, protective services, and the like); and

To maintain peace and order in the municipality.


1. Have a diversified, well-balanced and sustainable economy anchored  on modernized and strengthened agriculture, intensified trade and industry and a well-developed tourism industry;

2. Ensure adequate and accessible social services for its continuously growing populace;

3. Ensure that the overall development pattern and land use activities  are aligned to the municipality's vision;

4. Ensure the sustainability of economic growth and development through properly-managed environment and natural resources through the protection, conservation, preservation of land, coastal and forest resources and adequate waste management;

5. Provide for an efficient road network that will increase the mobility of people, goods and services within the municipality, notably on the interior and coastal barangays, and open these areas for economic development;

6. Provide for effective systems of infrastructure and utilities that are responsive to the demands of population increase and the envisioned economic development strategy of the municipality; and

7. Develop and manage an efficient local administration development plan for Gloria that befits the growing municipality.

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