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The 27 Barangays of the Municipality of Gloria

The residents of the twenty-five (25) barrios namely: Maligaya, Kawit, Malusak, Balite, Dalagan, Tinalunan, Calamundingan, Bulbogan, Langang, Banus, Agus, Batingan, Papandungin, Malamig, Tubag, Malayong, Malubay, Mirayan, Guimbonan, Agsalin, Manguyang, Banutan, Boong-Lupa, Tambong and Maragooc grouped together and petitioned for the separation of their barrios from their mother Municipality of Pinamalayan.  The petition was granted on October 1, 1964 through Executive Order No. 117 issued by the then President Diosdado Macapagal.  Executive Order No. 140 issued on February 25, 1965 by the same President defined and fixed the boundaries of Gloria as a new municipality.  On December 24, 1965, however; the Supreme Court nullified the new municipality’s corporate existence.  Gloria was finally recognized as a distinct municipality on June 9, 1966 when Housebill No. 6107 sponsored by the then Congressman Luciano Joson was enacted into law and later to be known as RA 4651.

The name of the following barangays were changed: Bulbugan to Sta. Maria; Dalagan to San Antonio, Malusak to Narra, Batingan to A. Bonifacio; Tubag to Macario Adriatico; Tinalunan to Gaudencio Antonino; Langgang to Sta. Theresa and Calamundingan to Lucio Laurel.  Bulaklakan and Alma Villa were created as additional barangays later.

At present, Gloria has twenty-seven (27) barangays:  nine (9) barangays are situated along the National Highway; six (6) coastal barangays are located on the eastern side of the municipality while the remaining thirteen (12) interior barangays are on the western side.


List of Barangay Fiesta