Copyright 2017 - Municipality of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro 5209


  • Executive Order No. 117 dated October 1, 1964 signed by the then President Diosdado Macapagal, approved the separation of twenty-four (24) barangays from their mother town of Pinamalayan, thereby creating the Municipality of Gloria;  Territorial boundaries were fixed by the succeeding Executive Order No. 140 issued on February 25, 1965
  • On December 24, 1965 - the Supreme Court nullified the new municipality's corporate existence
  • It was finally recognized as a distinct municipality on June 9, 1966 when House Bill No. 6107 sponsored by the then Congressman Luciano Joson was enacted into law and later to be known as Republic Act 4651
  • The municipality was named GLORIA, as a token of gratitude to President Diosdado Macapagal whose daughter is named Gloria
  • The seventh largest municipality of Oriental Mindoro with a total land area of 28,029 hectares;  about 65% of which are classified as forest and grassland areas; agricultural and built-up areas make-up the rest of Gloria's total land area
  • Its population is 37,871 based on the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) survey of 2008 which composed of 19,257 or 51 percent (51%) male and forty-nine percent (49%) or 18,604 female
  • Located 76 kilometers away from Calapan City, and is accessible through the Strong Republic Nautical Highway or national road that cuts across the Province of Oriental Mindoro
  • It is currently a third class municipality and has a mainly agriculture-based economy
  • It is bounded on the south by the Municipality of Bansud, on the north by the Municipality of Pinamalayan, on the east by Tablas Strait, and on the west by the Province of Occidental Mindoro; and
  • At present, Gloria has twenty-seven (27) barangays:  nine (9) barangays are situated along the national highway; six (6) coastal barangays are located on the eastern side of the municipality while the remaining thirteen (12) interior barangays are on the western side. However, some barangays have combined ecosystems of lowland-coastal or lowland-upland.

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